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Just how was jacquard elastic band made?

elastic webbing supplierWhen you see a waistband that soft as well as flexible needlework on garments or trousers. You must be so curious and wish to know how it produced for the jacquard webbing, those vivid, or letters or patterns of webbing? Bellow Let's discuss to you.

The jacquard webbing is ended up by a computer jacquard weaving device. First, the computer style attracts the pattern as need, then places the layout attracting right into the computer program of jacquard weaving machine, as well as begins to textile after debugging. According to the weaving procedure, the jacquard flexible webbing is more split into a training and weft. The flexible waistband of the undergarments is woven by the upright instructions of the computer system jacquard maker; the weft is woven by the yarn in the transverse instructions of the jacquard band. The pattern of the jacquard band is a lot more a little straightforward, yet the pattern of the latitude strip is big as well as charming with look of clear and three-dimensional sense of solid. Jacquard band can be weaving in single-sided and double-sided Jacquard. Single-sided Jacquard only one side jacquard pattern, the double-sided jacquard has both the front and the back patterns. Double-sided jacquard is much more lovely as well as elegant, highlighting the designer's style viewpoint.

The jacquard band made by the computer jacquard machine has a distinct shape. The computer jacquard belt not just has intense materials, but additionally has a embroider design. The surface of jacquard rubber band is intense as well as smooth. It is not just suitable for sprucing up ladies's underwear, trouser, briefs, outfits, etc., but likewise among the primary ornamental devices for ethnic design clothes.

The features of computer system jacquard band generated by Amanda business is: soft structure, fragile, smooth and also one-of-a-kind texture, great drape as well as breath-ability, excellent gloss and high quality elastic webbing shade fastness (yarn dyeing). The pattern of the jacquard webbing is large and beautiful with appearance of clear and three-dimensional sense of strong.

Our webbing and elastic band can be pass accreditation like OEKO-TEX REQUIREMENT 100, EU REACH examination, National Fabric Center item testing, ITS nationwide standard environmental certification.
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